Tuesday, August 16, 2011

ll try and be intrested for her sake. I just whent over the character limit for a txt message, let's see what happens to the blog. Does it get split?
Early shift today, then home to fight with my computer. The GF and I are aparently going out to a party later tonight. I'm not one for them however, so i

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Computer Troubles

So aproximatly 5 days ago my Desktop's HD crashed on me. I'm not sure exactly why still, but im leaning to the fact that it was several years old, (like 10 at least) and a meh brand. When it happened it gave me a disk read error and then refused to find the OS on it. Tried to see if it was truely deleted or just acting like an idiot. So I swaped my external's adapters around and made it hook up my Desktops HD as an external for my Laptop.

After getting it set up it didnt even full recognize it. So i tried using disk manager to assing a letter to it manual. Well it told me that i had to initalize the drive then it wouldn't let me do that saying that there was a I/O error which i belive is a power problem.

Much headache and worry about the data i decided to worry about getting a new HD in the desktop taking me from a tiny 120GB to a decent 500GB, and wouldnt you know it problems started there too.

The OS disk i have wanted drivers for the HD and the MotherBoard. well those are at my parents house where i built this computer. So they are sending me the driver disk. While waiting i tried another workaround.
Cloning my laptops HD. wouldnt you know it, the program i found cant find its own scrips inorder to actually complete the process. needless to say i want to hurt stuff.

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Sleep a chance to dream

So the girlfriend just had three ten hour days at her job. This made her very tired, both mentally and physically. However once she got to sleep she started to dream that she was still at work. Telling me things that she would be telling the other workers like they need another pan of lasagna or that the asparagus is going way faster then it should have. I woke her up because I didnt want her to keep working in a sense when she was at home.

Needless to say she was very confused. It took a couple tries and a few minutes explaining before she woke up enough that she started to laugh at herself.

I have done this a couple times as well, however oddly enough for me I knew it was a dream and told my mind to stop working, however it didnt help.

hopefull when i go to work tonight from 5pm to 2am I can come home and not dream about work.
Id much rather dream about the woman sleeping beside me.

Friday, August 12, 2011

I'm testing out blogging from my mobile phone. This ought to be quite cool if it is.


so i was bored. and i thought ok. this wouldnt be a horrible thing to do. make a blog that is. Its going to be simple and to the point. Me complaining about life, anything from  stuff at work, which is taco bell, im a manager there, to simply passing the time and complaining about my newest computer problem.

so yea freaken desktop.... the HD crashed on my and i need my motherboard drivers to try and put a new OS on it. and the disk is at home home. (im at an apartment at college with the GF) The disk is in the mail, but untill i have it i have to use my laptop. Which is fine, it works, just not as pretty. maybe i will post pics of my desktop once it works again.

Im such a nerd....

Work, just FYI im a manager at a tacobell in a college town. That means lots of drunk and/or high people come in quite often. But thats fine since we the employees get to then treat them like the worthless filth that they are. So our customer service sucks, but only to the people too out of there mind to not notice.

alright more later on another day!