Sunday, August 14, 2011

Computer Troubles

So aproximatly 5 days ago my Desktop's HD crashed on me. I'm not sure exactly why still, but im leaning to the fact that it was several years old, (like 10 at least) and a meh brand. When it happened it gave me a disk read error and then refused to find the OS on it. Tried to see if it was truely deleted or just acting like an idiot. So I swaped my external's adapters around and made it hook up my Desktops HD as an external for my Laptop.

After getting it set up it didnt even full recognize it. So i tried using disk manager to assing a letter to it manual. Well it told me that i had to initalize the drive then it wouldn't let me do that saying that there was a I/O error which i belive is a power problem.

Much headache and worry about the data i decided to worry about getting a new HD in the desktop taking me from a tiny 120GB to a decent 500GB, and wouldnt you know it problems started there too.

The OS disk i have wanted drivers for the HD and the MotherBoard. well those are at my parents house where i built this computer. So they are sending me the driver disk. While waiting i tried another workaround.
Cloning my laptops HD. wouldnt you know it, the program i found cant find its own scrips inorder to actually complete the process. needless to say i want to hurt stuff.


  1. Trusting parentals to send you the right part can be tricky! Be sure you described the part in exact detail... Same thing happened to me once. Got a hard drive instead of two sticks of ram. Eh. hahaha.

  2. That truly sucks ass. At least you have the knowledge to hopefully fix it. I don't know shit about computers.