Saturday, August 13, 2011

Sleep a chance to dream

So the girlfriend just had three ten hour days at her job. This made her very tired, both mentally and physically. However once she got to sleep she started to dream that she was still at work. Telling me things that she would be telling the other workers like they need another pan of lasagna or that the asparagus is going way faster then it should have. I woke her up because I didnt want her to keep working in a sense when she was at home.

Needless to say she was very confused. It took a couple tries and a few minutes explaining before she woke up enough that she started to laugh at herself.

I have done this a couple times as well, however oddly enough for me I knew it was a dream and told my mind to stop working, however it didnt help.

hopefull when i go to work tonight from 5pm to 2am I can come home and not dream about work.
Id much rather dream about the woman sleeping beside me.


  1. well aren't you quite the romantic one!

  2. Too much time on the job does that to me too :/ I answered my cell phone like my work phone.. Blah.