Friday, August 12, 2011


so i was bored. and i thought ok. this wouldnt be a horrible thing to do. make a blog that is. Its going to be simple and to the point. Me complaining about life, anything from  stuff at work, which is taco bell, im a manager there, to simply passing the time and complaining about my newest computer problem.

so yea freaken desktop.... the HD crashed on my and i need my motherboard drivers to try and put a new OS on it. and the disk is at home home. (im at an apartment at college with the GF) The disk is in the mail, but untill i have it i have to use my laptop. Which is fine, it works, just not as pretty. maybe i will post pics of my desktop once it works again.

Im such a nerd....

Work, just FYI im a manager at a tacobell in a college town. That means lots of drunk and/or high people come in quite often. But thats fine since we the employees get to then treat them like the worthless filth that they are. So our customer service sucks, but only to the people too out of there mind to not notice.

alright more later on another day!